Handheld Ordering

Speed up table-side order taking with a handheld orderPAD

OrderBuddy, The Perfect handheld Ordering

Handheld Ordering

OrderBuddy, our handheld ordering solution helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use any android mobile device to take orders at the table quickly and send the orders directly to the kitchen. OrderBuddy works on Android tablets and Android phones. Food service and Restaurant Payment Processing is Evolving. Combined with our OrderBuddy app it is possible now to take the payments at the table-side in a sit-down restaurant enabled by a mobile terminal. It’s a fast, smart way for bars and restaurants to take payments. As part of our integrated payments service, Pay at Table creates a secure, wireless connection between your card machine and EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) that lets you turn tables up to 4x faster.

OrderBuddy On A920

OrderBuddy On Android Device With Integrated Printer

With a 50mm diameter roll that doubles the paper capacity get ready to save on additional refill costs. Speed up your transactions with the cutting-edge Seiko printer that improves speed by 16.7% making it more efficient.

OrderBuddy On Any Android Tablet

OrderBuddy On Any Android Phone

A powerful easy to use point of sale software worth every thing you need to sell in Hospitality and Retail settings. Epos Technologies supply software for both small independent to large multi-site chains.